the Oven

Baking is one of my biggest addictions. Everytime I am nervous, anxious or stressed , baking allows me to relax and take a breathe. Making a cake or some cookies for a friend and seeing them smile and enjoy what I made makes me happy.


  • Cookies.
Brownie Cookie
Moroccan Casbah Cookie

Smarties Cookie
Cinnamon Oats cookie
Vanilla & Cacao Coookie (Knuffel cookies/ Abbracci)
  • Cakes, cupcakes, muffins.. (and other baked sweet lovely stuff)
Raisins Muffins
Blackberry Tart
Muesli Scones
Apple Cake
Apple and Almond Paste Cake
  • Savory.
Lasagne alla Bolognese
Torta verde
Tuscan Bean and Pasta Soup
  • Drinks.
  • Bread, Pizza, Focaccia.. (savory)
Turkish Pita Bread
Focaccia ai pomodorini
Ciappe di Taggia
Almond Raisin Bread
Sourdough Starter (not the best)
Sourdough Starter, the best one.
Sourdough Bread
Fougasse Provençale
  • Dessert.
  • Talking about food
What a breakfast means to me
Breakfast, summer edition
  • Miscellaneous.
Strawberry Jam