Craft Room

I don't have a real craft room yet. This is a sort of fictitious one.
I will show you what I tried to "create" (such a big word), to make my day more colorful.
Most of all I draw, I use Fimo and every now and then I try to sew something. I have to learn a lot, and I am not good at it yet, but ever since I was little I love making the world lovely.

  • Fimo
Summer Days - Fairy
I love peacful melodies - Baloon Man
Fimo Cupcake Tutorial
Fimo Angel Tutorial
Christmas Decoration Tutorial
First 2010 Creations - Mushroom and Cupcake
Creating time - Colorful cupcakes
Update - Fall leaves
Back to School - Books with Apple

  • Drawings
Sourdough pets - Dutch Alphabet
Missing someone - Fall
Back to School- Books with Apple
Sketches - Balloons
Never Skip Breakfast - Painting
  • Sewing
Tired - Mushroom
Owl 2
Sinterklaas - Ghost

  • Other
Recipe box
A "new" chair
Main Inspiration: family