giovedì 31 dicembre 2009

Bye 2009, Welcome 2010.

Wow.. it's already 2010!!
It's incredible. I remember everything of the new year's eve of 2000. I was back from hospital, and I was so exited! I couldn't eat anything, but, yeah, a new milennium was beginning!! And I was 10! Ahah!!
Now that it's almost 2010.. I'm here with my boyfriend. I'm going to cook a lot of very italian dishes, and.. macarons as dessert (I think they're american, isn't it?).

Everything vegetarian of course, with lots of ricotta and mozzarella, basil and tomatoes. Not very new year eve-ish, but, it doesn't matter XD

I hope it'll be a fantastic evening for all of us.
I have bought an elegant dress, I love it!

Listening to "Happy" by Leona Lewis (who I don't love soooo much), but this song makes me smile, because everyone "just wants to be happy" and that is what I hope for you all for 2010 and all the other years of course.

Now I'm going to put the nail polish, I hope this time, on my nails XD (lilac!!! yeahhh).

Have a super beginning of 2010, and don't think of your problems for a while, just enjoy!!
(I hope next year someone will read what I write XD).


PS: look at my new cupcake t-shirt!! I love it! My dad bought it for me ^^

lunedì 28 dicembre 2009

Bye Christmas, see you next year!

This Christmas was funny, but the 26th was even more fun.
Why? Because I made cupcakes, my parents and I prepared a super dinner, my boyfriend, my brother and his girlfriend came here. And even Mattia, my little nephew in her belly, was there!


giovedì 24 dicembre 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!! (obviously a little christmas frog ^^)
Have a nice time!!
I'll spend some time with my family, making cupcakes, having a dinner with my parents, Roberto, my brother and his girlfriend.
Have a nice Christmas with your family and friends.


lunedì 21 dicembre 2009


It's snowing here.
My father is in Holland, at the airport. His flight has a delay of about 5 hours.
But, snow has also funny sides, right?
Like.. :
Throw snowballs

Make candies, DIY gifts for some friends (I saw the tutorial here)

Go out and enjoy the snow

Now I really really have to study XD


Love <3

Yesterday evening I made some little candies for some friends. Later I will post the pictures.

Some lovely things I "liked" on my Tumblr.

1. England

2. Sweet puppies


3. Creative projects!

4. Funny statistics.


5.Christmas cupcakes!


(Angelina Cupcake)

That's all, I could post another 20 thousand pics, but I really have to study..



lunedì 14 dicembre 2009

Christmas Decorations Tutorial

Saturday my boyfriend and I made some Christmas decorations with Fimo.

And I made.. another tutorial XD (the pics are a bit dark (

1. First of all we've made the candy cane
pick the two colours, red and white (I had only transparent), amd make two long rolls, and turn them together like this:

2. Put them in the shape of the candy cane

3. Take a bit of Green, make a ball, and flatten it.

4. Then draw the holly leaf and then cut it out (we will need two leafs for each cane)

5. Draw also its veins.

6. Wit a bit of Red Fimo (I used the red with glitters) make three little balls to make the berries.

7. Put the cane on the leafs, and the three berries on the cane, like this:

8. Then I made some bows, I followed the tutorial that Katja posted on her blog (here) and used it like the three berries.
Like these:


10. Fire them and varnish them.

11. I took ribbons and then made bows, to hang them in the Christmas tree or where you want ^^

12. I put them into a box and gave it as a gift.. I thought it could be a nice little present.

Hope you like it!!!
Have a nice evening!


domenica 13 dicembre 2009


Katja shared a "2010 goals" list, the plans she has for the new year.
I was thinking about my plans..

1. Pass all the Exams
That's obvious, I have to study a looot. To read so much, to do so many things..
But I am passing all the exams, and I hope it will continue like this.

2. Fimo projects
I thought I could make a lot of nice things with Fimo, for example little things for decoratinh the house. They could be themed: like "Easter", "Summer", etc.

3. Travel
I am planning to go to Berlin with my friends in February (I already went 4 years ago, and loved the city!) , and I want to go to Greece this summer.

4. Go to the Gym (regularly)
I am going twice a week now, but I want to continue, and I want to go three times at least. I hope to lose just a little weight XD.

5. Smile
With my boyfriend, and with my friends here in Turin. Usually I am too serious.. and I don't like it at all.

6. Make a lot of dolls and puppets
First of all Frogs, pandas, owl, etc..

7. Give private lessons of italian (for foreigners)
There are so much dutch, german, french, english people here, and I would really love to teach them italian. =)

8. Meet new people
Is always a goal for me, 'cause I'm very shy, and everybody sees me as snob, but it's because I don't talk a lot.. fortunately I am changing a bit.

I'm going to watch a film..


venerdì 11 dicembre 2009

Fimo Angel Tutorial

I made this angel for my grandmother's birthday and for christmas.

I thought I could make a Tutorial, since I've made only one =)
Ok, ready?

Choose the colour of the angel's body: I chose White.

Model it to make it like this:
The part you can see at the right will be the back of her dress.

Choose the colour of her wings: I wanted them to be light blue, so I took White and Peppermint and mixed them.

Model the wings (1) and if you want add the details of the feathers (2), then try to make them more "3d" bending the top of the wings, and if you want, also the bottom a little (3).

Fix the wings to the angel's body.

Take the colour you chose for her body again and make two little canes, ending with a peaky top (those will be her arms!) (1), and fix them to the body (2) (3):

Then, I took "flesh light" to make her face and hands.
Make two little balls and fix them and the end of her arms, and afterwards make 3or4little stripes in them with a knife or a toothpick.

With the same colour make a bigger ball, which will be her head.

With a little "white" make two veeery little balls for the eyes, and the with black two even smaller ones. Besides, make also a very little roll for the mouth.

Fix them like this:

Fix the head with the body and take the colour you decide to make her hair.
Make a looot of very thin rolls and fix it to her head, think of how real hair would fall on her shoulders, and try not to make them jut out too much because they could break.

Take a bit of Red and make a very tiny heart, fix it above her left hand.

Take a wire and make a little bow, and put it in her head (XD) (I don't know how to explain it, but look at the pictures).

Then let it fire (cook, oh, how do you say it? ^^) like always for half an hour, 120 °C.
You can varnish it (if you want), and let it dry for another half an hour.
I took some ribbon and made a little bow, which enables to hang it in the christmas tree.

I hope you'll enjoy making this little present or/and home decoration.

Now I'm making a gingerbread man! Maybe I could make another tutorial ^^.