giovedì 30 settembre 2010

Sourdough pets

Why didn't I call this blog "Julie, Julia and Juliette"?
I was watching a video of Julia Child on YouTube, and first of all I thought Meryl Streep plays her role superbly and then I thought "Hey wait, just a moment..Are we sure I am not realted in any way to her?" She reminds me sooo much of my grandma, and actually also of my mum. I think I might become like her one day. A crazy, maybe irritating, lovely woman.

Isn't he lovely? Should I give him a name?

I have been planning of making sourdough bread for a while now. I ate it many many times when I was little at a friend's house.
I looked up on the Internet how to prepare a Sourdough Starter, and I found this article by John Ross. His explanation is very simple and straightforward and sometimes makes me smile =).
He talks as if it were a pet to take care of. Actually, it is. I am feeding him (or them) and I hope I will be able to make my long-awaited bread soon.

Furthermore, I have been drawing pretty much lately. It's a way of keeping me busier than I already am. Classes will start tomorrow and I think the lasts days of "freedom" are to be enjoyed, right? I made this drawing for Roberto, who I miss so much! He's learning Dutch and this is a way to learn some words. All the words (or almost) are related to something we did, had or met during our trip to the Netherlands. I hope he'll like it, and you too.

Soon I will update you about my little pets!


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