lunedì 3 gennaio 2011

Fougasse provencale

You probably know I live in Italy.
But I also live at a 50 minutes ride from France.
In fact, when I take the plane to go to Holland I normally leave from Nice.

This summer on our roadtrip toward Europe, Roberto and visited several towns in France, all small villages and we even went back to the place I used to go when I was a kid and where my grandpa lived.

We had the chance to see the "palais idéal" by Ferdinand Cheval, a wonderful place, really.
We went to a little shop where all the scents from the Provence where reunited and presented us with much lavender, savon de Marseille and bread.

Bread is my passion. Then, this December my parents gave me Leila Lindholm's Cookbook for my birthday. In that book I found a recipe for Fougasse provecale.
I know Focaccia is something typical of the region I live in, Liguria. But I decided to give it a try.
Focaccia is a typical kind of bread that resembles pizza without tomatoe.
IT can be more cruncy of softer.

I think I used too much yeast because mine where like bread with olives, sald and spices. But I really can't forget that taste. I just love bread, I think I should find the time do write an ode o bread one day, haha.

I am going to read forthe exams. They are stressing me out, actually. I really am loosing all the passion for study, but fortunately it's "almost" over.
Have a nice day!


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