martedì 19 gennaio 2010

Moroccan Casbah Cookies (Cinnamon)

There's a place I go often when I want to relax. It's called "Casbah" and it's a moroccan restaurant and pub. There you can eat typical moroccan food, drik traditional mint tea (I love it soo much). The owner always gives us cookies with the tea, which he bakes every day. They taste soo good!
So, I asked the recipe and he gave it to me saturday. Sunday morning I made them immediately.

Here they are..

Today I eventually had my German Literature Exam, I had to study 8 books, and it was really really hard, but I got a good mark. So, today I'm going to the gym, and then maybe going to make something sith Fimo (I brought it with me in my suitcase =)
Tomorrow I'll concentrate on the next exam.
Have a nice day!


3 commenti:

  1. Hi Ju! nice blog ^^ I see that you make a lot of nice things...
    But I don't like Moroccan tea (Morocco is with two o's in English!), they put way to much sugar into it!



  2. Ahah you're right. After a way too stressful exam today of German Literature I am not thinking about writing good in English. XD

    PErchè sto parlando in inglese XD