lunedì 3 maggio 2010

What a breakfast means to me..

Ladies and gentlemen found the cable, oh yeah, it was in one of my ten thousand bags. One one those bags I never use. I wonder how it came there =)

This weekend was fantastic, like every weekend I spend with Roberto. We always want to do something funny. And most of the times we succeed.
Saturday we went to the seaside. We stayed there only 2 hours because I had to work, but the weather was lovely.
But before going to the seaside we ate a super breakfast which doesn't let us eat until the evening.

When we have time enough to stop for a second and actually really enjoy preparing breakfast and eating together, while talking about the week that passed, I feel so relieved, so happy.
This week our breakfast was wonderful. Look at it! It makes me happy only to see it =)

I made the Banana Yogurt Bread friday evening. It's simple actually and I liked it a lot, you really can taste the banana a lot.
I took the recipe from this blog. (Thank you, Tara!).

For the Smoothie I just used the fruit we had: Bananas and Strawberries.
It's not really a recipe, but I'll say how I made it:
Strawberry and Banana Smoothie
4 or 5 Strawberries
1 banana
1/2 cup ice cream (I used "fior di latte", it's cream)
1 cup milk

and no sugar otherwise it's less healthy and it becomes less "homemade" (in my opinion, but you can add some sugar if you want).

Just mix everything toghether with the mixer and that's it.
For the serving I suggest fresh strawberries or maybe 2 leaves of mint.

I made the Granola last week, and I like it a lot, but not with yogurt or milk. I like eating it alone, with nothing else. It's super-crispy!

Ok, back to my books, hope you had a fantastic weekend!


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