I am Juliette, 21 years old, a dutch girl living in Italy.
I have lots of passions and hobbies, which include baking and cooking, visiting most places possible, create, taking photographs, and many others.

Baking and cooking. I am a vegetarian, I love to make people (and their bellies) smile with a cupcake or a cake every now and then. In the back of my heart I dream of opening a bakery one day.

Crafty girl. I have always been a crafty kid, I was always creating things. Since a couple of years I discovered Fimo and I love to create little gifts and decorations with it. My mum taught me how to sew about a year ago.

Travelling and being on the go are the things I probably enjoy the most. I love discovering new places, cities and countries. I only have been around Europe and I would love to see more of the world soon.

I am studying English and German at University, sharing my room with another girl.
Languages are a big passion of mine, and if I could I would learn them all.

I am in love with Roberto, my boyfriend since August 2007, and we plan to go living together as soon as possible. I will mention him lots of time, because he's the one who gives me motivation, strength and hope.