mercoledì 22 settembre 2010

Almond Raisin Bread

Immediately after having baked the cookies I decided to bake something else. It's an addiction!

When Roberto and I were in the Netherlands I let him try and taste every single thing that sounded strange and new to him. In 3 days he ate like 10 new things: stroopwafels, stamppot, kaascorissant, mueslibolletje and other specialities. He enjoyed everything and didn't complain =)
Coming back in Italy has been a shock for him, probably, because he continues talking about "kroket", "stroopwafel" with his cute accent at least once a day.

In the Netherlands we stayed at a friend's, she has been so kind and nice! I enjoyed every second I was there (except for when I was ill, but that's another story), it felt like being home, being myself and having a lot of colors and nice people surrounding me.
Every morning she brought her daughter to school and then, coming back home, she bought bread for breakfast.
The bread she brought is something Roberto cannot and will not ever forget.
It's a normal simple but delicious bread, but here in Italy it's impossible to find. We even went to some bakeries to look for it, but nowhere to be found.
Therefore I decide to try to bake it on my own (*fail* it was not soft enough).

I went for this Almond Raisin Bread, for which I made up the recipe.

It was nice, sweet and disappeared after a few hours, but it was nowhere near the original one I wanted to imitate.



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