venerdì 11 settembre 2009


Oh, it's such a hard time for me..
I haven’t got any time for my crafts. But. I made a funny copy of my mushroom puppet for my mom. I love it, because it has been a successful work, and I’d love to make other puppets, when I will have a couple of hours without studying.

Here they are:

This is the original one. My boyfriend bought it in Camden Town, London. I was so happy! I even gave him a name: Champy (from champignon).

And this one is the one I made. I made it with my old t-shirts, and buttons.

Then, I made a keychain for my father with a lot of smileys:

I made it with Fimo, but I need the polish. I din't find it

here, I have to go to a do-it-yourself shop.

Talking about other things.

I went to the seaside with Roberto. We found a beach where nobody goes, maybe beacause it's very little and hidden.

And... I'm going to bring home my little new cat.. She's white, black and red, and, honestly, I don't like red cats at all, but she's so cute. I loved her since I saw her. I gave her the name "Miele" which means "honey" in italian. But I named the other one "Asia" when she was little, and when we still thought it was a female cat. Then we discovered that she was a he, and that he was also a noisemaker. Now we call him "Monster".

But Miele really is a female cat,and she is so sweet.

Ok, I go back to my books. German and Italian Literature, Wow.. ^^


A Little Froggy.