mercoledì 19 agosto 2009

Summer Days..

I'm here again,
I have a couple of minutes to write something. Yesterday evening I was thinking about what I could make with Fimo, and other materials, I had a lot of ideas, but I have to buy a lot of things, such as felt, knifes, etc. And I asked my mother if she wants me to learn some points about sewing, and, of course she will, but she has never time enough, so, I have simply to wait.
I went to bed yesterday and suddently I had the idea of making a fairy, but I wanted to make it immediately because I usually forget my ideas, especially if it's night and I'm going to sleep.
Therefore I made immediately my fairy, it took 1 hour and a half, but I was pretty satisfied with the result. It was my first attempt, after all. ^^
And, this is what I made :)

I finally fell asleep at 2 a.m. ^^

A Little Froggy

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