martedì 1 dicembre 2009


Sinterklaas (Santa Claus, a kind of Christmas we celebrate the 5th december) is getting nearer and nearer. I have written a lot of poems for my parents (this is a tradition too). For my father I made also a Ghostie. I made it to accompany the little blue light I bought for him (which is a ghost too).

My father is making our house prettier and prettier. I love it so much! Every year he loves to buy looots of lights for Christmas.

This is the part I love of their house.

Saturday we sang Sinterklaas songs, and then we put our shoe near the fireplace. When we woke up sunday there was a lot of chocolate in it. Obviously we put something for Sinterklaas' horse in it. (I love to pretend that he really exists ^^).
Saturday evening we are going to celebrate and look at aal the pretty things my parents made.


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