venerdì 11 dicembre 2009

Fimo Angel Tutorial

I made this angel for my grandmother's birthday and for christmas.

I thought I could make a Tutorial, since I've made only one =)
Ok, ready?

Choose the colour of the angel's body: I chose White.

Model it to make it like this:
The part you can see at the right will be the back of her dress.

Choose the colour of her wings: I wanted them to be light blue, so I took White and Peppermint and mixed them.

Model the wings (1) and if you want add the details of the feathers (2), then try to make them more "3d" bending the top of the wings, and if you want, also the bottom a little (3).

Fix the wings to the angel's body.

Take the colour you chose for her body again and make two little canes, ending with a peaky top (those will be her arms!) (1), and fix them to the body (2) (3):

Then, I took "flesh light" to make her face and hands.
Make two little balls and fix them and the end of her arms, and afterwards make 3or4little stripes in them with a knife or a toothpick.

With the same colour make a bigger ball, which will be her head.

With a little "white" make two veeery little balls for the eyes, and the with black two even smaller ones. Besides, make also a very little roll for the mouth.

Fix them like this:

Fix the head with the body and take the colour you decide to make her hair.
Make a looot of very thin rolls and fix it to her head, think of how real hair would fall on her shoulders, and try not to make them jut out too much because they could break.

Take a bit of Red and make a very tiny heart, fix it above her left hand.

Take a wire and make a little bow, and put it in her head (XD) (I don't know how to explain it, but look at the pictures).

Then let it fire (cook, oh, how do you say it? ^^) like always for half an hour, 120 °C.
You can varnish it (if you want), and let it dry for another half an hour.
I took some ribbon and made a little bow, which enables to hang it in the christmas tree.

I hope you'll enjoy making this little present or/and home decoration.

Now I'm making a gingerbread man! Maybe I could make another tutorial ^^.


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