sabato 21 novembre 2009


I woke up today, and since I'm home (after two looong weeks in Turin, and after my English Literature Exam) I could make the project I've been thinking about for a few days.
A colleague of Roberto asked if I could make a puppet for her granddaughter. So, I looked ik a few blogs, because I didn't know what kind of puppet I could make. Then, I saw this fantastic and adorable owl byKatie of Skunkboy Creatures. This was my inspiration to make my own owl.
I made his eyes, heart and beak of fimo. The beak is just a little too big, but, for being the first time I am pretty satisfied. This is the result :
I know it isn't a good picture, but I forgot to bring my camera with me, so I had to do it with the webcam.

The fabric is from Ikea, I love it..
This afternoon I am going to see "Romeo + Juliet" for the fourth time in 5 days.. Ahah!


2 commenti:

  1. Love that material! I can't beleive you got it at Ikea. Also really like your owl.

  2. thank you, Trixi!
    yes, I bought it at Ikea, there were lots of beautiful fabrics. Now I'm making the "Wise owl" you made the tutorial for. I'm making it just a littlebit different because of my mistakes ^^.. This too is made with Ikea fabrics.