lunedì 14 dicembre 2009

Christmas Decorations Tutorial

Saturday my boyfriend and I made some Christmas decorations with Fimo.

And I made.. another tutorial XD (the pics are a bit dark (

1. First of all we've made the candy cane
pick the two colours, red and white (I had only transparent), amd make two long rolls, and turn them together like this:

2. Put them in the shape of the candy cane

3. Take a bit of Green, make a ball, and flatten it.

4. Then draw the holly leaf and then cut it out (we will need two leafs for each cane)

5. Draw also its veins.

6. Wit a bit of Red Fimo (I used the red with glitters) make three little balls to make the berries.

7. Put the cane on the leafs, and the three berries on the cane, like this:

8. Then I made some bows, I followed the tutorial that Katja posted on her blog (here) and used it like the three berries.
Like these:


10. Fire them and varnish them.

11. I took ribbons and then made bows, to hang them in the Christmas tree or where you want ^^

12. I put them into a box and gave it as a gift.. I thought it could be a nice little present.

Hope you like it!!!
Have a nice evening!


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