domenica 23 agosto 2009

I love peaceful melodies..

This weekend I went to my aunt, she has got a very stylish house, a wonderful swimming pool, and it has been so much fun staying there with my family. Today it's my brother's birthday, he's already 30! Tonight I woke up and with an idea, I thought I could make, with Fimo, a little man with a lot of balloons. At 9 am I was ready for my work, beacause I wanted to finish it before my brother would wake up. This is the result:

In this picture you do not see two balloons, and I don't even know why. But tell me what you think about it.

Friday I also cleaned up my room and in some old boxes I found a lot of toys which I used to use when I was little.

Today I was thinking about University, when I will be so far away from home, from my family and from Roberto. Therefore I wanted to represent distance.

A Little Froggy

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