lunedì 4 ottobre 2010

Back to school

Just yesterday I say I don't to school anymore. Well, I go to university, and the first day is inevitably assoiated with that "back to school" feeling.
The first thing my friend said to me when he saw me was "What a face! You look as if you have not been sleeping in days". Thank you my dear, I love you too.

I only had one two hour class and then I came back home, it is pouring again!
I decided it would be nice to draw again.

This was the result of the first day classes:

I didn'tknow if I wanted to draw or work with fimo, so the other result of this afternoon was this:

I have another few ideas, but unfortunately I have to study. Even if I am not feeling well at all, I think the flu season is getting nearer, ugh..

Have a nice evening!

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