lunedì 22 novembre 2010


I have learned to love art from my parents and my grandparents.
One of my grandmothers is a teacher of french, enjoys music, sings every seconds of the day and once taught me to knit (I was too little to remember how it worked, I am so sorry for that).
The other grandma has a sort of farm with many animals, loves flowers and makes fantastic (sort of) paintings with them.
My mother draws fantastic portraits, for example while she's calling someone. But she is too afraid of making a real painting of one of them (while I think it would be wonderful). She draws fairies and landscapes and is the best in using watercolours.
My father makes sculptures with all sorts of materials, even cement. He makes more colourful and maybe less feminine things (he made a frog who's in front of our door and welcomes whoever comes for a visit, for example) and decorated our house with al sorts of colours and lights. And when it comes to painting he's more abstract, less realistic, more lines and geometrical figures always with a pinch of fun.
My grandma introduced me to knitting, my other grandma to animals and nature, my mun to drawing and my father to fimo for example. So, actually, they are my main inspiration.

So here you have a few pictures of my parents' creations.

(my mum drawing, actually coping because I asked her to, a wonderful image I found on the Internet | the work finished)

(my father's mushrooms, they are glow in the dark!)

(one of the first drawings I made, a smiling face and many letters, almost all of them drawn the other way round)

(one of my father's paintings, he loves Keith Haring)

(the decorations for Christmas last year, what are we going to see this year?)

(he painted this one last weekend, they sent me a pic of it)

(my mum made this for my grandma, the one who taught me to knit, she loves nature and would love to travel forever, unfortunately she'stoo old now =( )

Yes, this was maybe a bit too sweet and personal, but I love their fantasy, their love for art and their talent.

OH, and can I add that my brother has so so so meny talents, He's a great cook but most of all he's a supertalented musician. He palys guitar as a rockstar and sings beautifully. He also plays drums and bassguitar, he plays almost everything. And I love him.

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  1. Aww these are lovely, it's always interesting to hear who inspires you :)