domenica 13 dicembre 2009


Katja shared a "2010 goals" list, the plans she has for the new year.
I was thinking about my plans..

1. Pass all the Exams
That's obvious, I have to study a looot. To read so much, to do so many things..
But I am passing all the exams, and I hope it will continue like this.

2. Fimo projects
I thought I could make a lot of nice things with Fimo, for example little things for decoratinh the house. They could be themed: like "Easter", "Summer", etc.

3. Travel
I am planning to go to Berlin with my friends in February (I already went 4 years ago, and loved the city!) , and I want to go to Greece this summer.

4. Go to the Gym (regularly)
I am going twice a week now, but I want to continue, and I want to go three times at least. I hope to lose just a little weight XD.

5. Smile
With my boyfriend, and with my friends here in Turin. Usually I am too serious.. and I don't like it at all.

6. Make a lot of dolls and puppets
First of all Frogs, pandas, owl, etc..

7. Give private lessons of italian (for foreigners)
There are so much dutch, german, french, english people here, and I would really love to teach them italian. =)

8. Meet new people
Is always a goal for me, 'cause I'm very shy, and everybody sees me as snob, but it's because I don't talk a lot.. fortunately I am changing a bit.

I'm going to watch a film..


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