giovedì 31 dicembre 2009

Bye 2009, Welcome 2010.

Wow.. it's already 2010!!
It's incredible. I remember everything of the new year's eve of 2000. I was back from hospital, and I was so exited! I couldn't eat anything, but, yeah, a new milennium was beginning!! And I was 10! Ahah!!
Now that it's almost 2010.. I'm here with my boyfriend. I'm going to cook a lot of very italian dishes, and.. macarons as dessert (I think they're american, isn't it?).

Everything vegetarian of course, with lots of ricotta and mozzarella, basil and tomatoes. Not very new year eve-ish, but, it doesn't matter XD

I hope it'll be a fantastic evening for all of us.
I have bought an elegant dress, I love it!

Listening to "Happy" by Leona Lewis (who I don't love soooo much), but this song makes me smile, because everyone "just wants to be happy" and that is what I hope for you all for 2010 and all the other years of course.

Now I'm going to put the nail polish, I hope this time, on my nails XD (lilac!!! yeahhh).

Have a super beginning of 2010, and don't think of your problems for a while, just enjoy!!
(I hope next year someone will read what I write XD).


PS: look at my new cupcake t-shirt!! I love it! My dad bought it for me ^^

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