venerdì 10 dicembre 2010

That nice day

Thursday I had the best, simplest, funniest Birthday. I am always afraid of my birthday because I feel as if I have to enjoy the day and absolutely cannot be sad or stressed. As if I had to wear a fake smile or something, and I never do that (ok, maybe sometimes, but not with my family). But fortunately it was a wonderful day, the sun shined and my parents woke me up brining me presents very early as they usually do (I adore this tradition). They sung and I felt loved.

Unwrapping the gifts was surprinzing, because I didn't know what they would give me, while the other years I usually had a premonition. Well, the best, thoughtful gifts, really.

I just want to thank you all the lovely people who wrote me, texted me and called me. Ready for another year!

(I think my parents read my wish list paying much attention =)


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