domenica 12 dicembre 2010

Sunday - Breakfast - Raisin, Hazelnuts, Mixed dried Fruit Bread

This was our breakfast today, or we called it "Colanzo" (a sort of Brunch "translated in Italian, between "colazione" and "pranzo").
Yesterday I wanted to bake something out of my new cookbook, but I hadn't got so many of the ingredients of the loaf of bread I had chosen. But I had a lot of other similar ingredients instead. So I just replaced all of the ingredients of the original recipe (expect for hazelnuts) with the alternative ones and here's my loaf of bread. Yummy!
Fresh yeast insted of baking powder, milk instead of buttermilk, mixed dried fruit and raisins instead of dried apricots, "00" and whole wheat flour combined instead of rye flour, and I could go on and on =)

Along with the bread we drank coffee and ate a mandarin.
Ready for a new day!

I hope yo all had a great weekend.


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  1. That looks like a delicious way to start the day!! Yum yum!! You definitely have a skill for baking my dear...I however absolutely do not. Everything I bake turns out to be a disaster :'( xx