lunedì 15 novembre 2010

Wish list

In less than a month it will be my birthday. I didn’t have many wishes until someone asked me what I wanted. I’ve been signing on my notebook cute things when I see them in shops and now.. I’ve a long wish list ^^

I’ll show you just some photos I found on the net not to make it all too boring.

1. "A Piece of Cake" by Leila Lindholm. It's called differently here, but I saw it at the bookstore, I looked at the recipes and the photographs and all I could so was smile and long to read and look at every detail of it.

2. Go to Leiden, live the Sinterklaas and/or Christmas atmosphere and feel at home.

3. Gingerman Cookie Cutter, I had this on the list until I met the supercute cookie cutter of Ikea. It's a gingerman with a hat, or better, I see that, I think it actually is a gnome.

4. Colorful or white headphones.

5. All stars, I miss them so much.

6. A big, warm, woolen scarf

7. All sorts of paint, canvases and pencils, and other crafty things

I going to read and et ready for Sinterklaas (our Christmas) which will be on December the 5th, and I will celebrate it for the first time with Roberto, whom I have taught the essentials. I really hope I will be able to get him into the Sinterklaas mood, he has never experienced this magical day before!

Have a great day!


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