lunedì 13 dicembre 2010

Out of Control

It happens.
When you wake up and wait for something to happen.
You start the day, feel that there's something that might go wrong and...there it goes.
The whole day is just a landslide, all the stone on you head and you don't understand what's happening and why. You just have to wait until it's over and than maybe think positively, maybe you've learned something from that day.

Today I had to go to Turin. I arrived at the station (a very sall one, where you see 4-5 people if it's a busy day) and heard people complaining. A train had been cancelled (happens wuite often lately), but for one time it wasn't my train. I wait for the train which arrives punctually, I have to change trains two times. I get off the train and.. the train has been cancelled.

I go to get information (I would never have done this a few years back, but now I'm kind of used to it), the woman at the info desk watch me come nearer, watches me in the eyes and starts yelling at me (I didn't even speak, she didn't even know where I wanted to go, who I was, etc).
The train to Sv is on platform 4!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to know if I had to change ticket (because there are two routes to go to Turin and the second one is more expensive) and she yelled at me "Of course not", as if I were an idiot.
Long story short: The train wasn't on platform 4, but on platform 6. Fortunately it was announced while it was starting its motors and I run and managed to take it.

At 4 Pm, 7 hours later I arrived home.

I missed 3 classes, but I cannot do anything about it.
I can get angry and nervous, but it doesn't help.
Therefore I just put on my new )^^) headphones and listen to appropriate music.


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  1. I know the feeling...I hope your week ahead is great though:)

    Julie xo