mercoledì 22 dicembre 2010

Project 365 - Week 2

Today I went to the last classes, hugged my friends, watched "A Nightmare before Christmas" in class. It was a nice day, except for the rain that is still winning against snow which really won't arrive.
Here you have my week in pictures.

8/365 16122010

Today I woke up, had a class, went back home for one hour, went for a coffee with two friends, and..spent an hour in the photocopy shop because our teacher left some photocopies at the library for us to copy. Each of us had to go, take the photocpies, go outside, make our own copy and bring the photocopies back. Turns out he forgot to copy the last page! So we had to go back and do it all over again today (+ another 100 copies of other notes and stuff). Thanks amazing someone who invented the photocopier!

9/365 17122010

Everytime I go to the supermarket to buy my daily amount of food (I love doin the grocery shopping, therefore I go once every two days insted of once in a week how normal people do), I bring this reusable bag with me. I have been aware of pollution, separate collection of rubbish, reuse things and so on. I always try to use as less plastic possible and I remember my mother telling me that a little bag with sweets contains so much plastic, because every sweet is wrapped in plastic. I can recall it as if it were yesterday and since then, or arounf that time (I think I were 8) I have been aware that doing small things can help just a little, but a very important little.
Whenever I forget to bring this reusable bag with me I ask a plastic bag, but then I use it for the garbage.
I could make a prettier bag one day, this is a plain, sad reusable bag, but I'm proud of it.

10/365 18122010

Today was a wonderful day.
I woke up because my mother texted me they were coming to visit me. They haven0t been here since July 2009 and I was so happy. I cleaned the house in an hour, and they were here around 11am. We went to the Ikea, which is sooo near!, we enjoyed this time together like we maybe haven't ever done before. No complaining, no judging or being upset. Just smiles and happiness. I bought a cakeholder and some spices containers. Then we went to a pretty Christmas market, with many pretty things, like these cute garlands, but it was extremely cold! Now we're realxing a bit. Later we'll go to the Chinese restaurant and watching the pretty coloured lights which decorate the city during the holiday season. I am so grateful for this day.

11/365 19122010

This morning I woke up hearing the voices of my parents in the other room. So strage, it has been a long while since they came to visit me. They drunk coffee and left to go back home. Roberto was still sleeping, so I made a cup of coffee for him too. We woke up slowly, talked for an hour or two, showered, looked outside with a scry face because of the cold and then got ready and challenged the weather. We were looking for some bread (we both love bread) but there were not many shops open, being 1 pm. We found ou usual market after a long walk through the city and bought half a loaf of kamut bread and a bit of cheese. We went home and turned the oven on. Sliced the bread and the cheese, and this is the result. Warm, crispy bread with molten cheese and such a delicious smell. He then went back home as well and I finished revising for my English literature exam of tomorrow. Wish me luck!

12/365 20122010

Today I woke up late because I had an exam at 2 pm. Usually they're in the morning but this time I had the chance to wake up slow, not being overwhelmed by anxiety and getting ready at my pace. I revised everything and then met a friend to go to Uni. Three hours writing a composition about "A Passage to India" by E.M. Forster. When I finished and went outside it was getting dark already and the day was nearing its end. I never study the day I have done an exam in order to realx a bit and get ready for the next one.

13/365 21122010

These are the headphones I was given by my parents for my birthday. I am superhappy with them, the acoustic is fantastic, I can isolate myself completely if I want and the bass is awesome. They have customizeable earthings (I don't know how to call them) and I thought it'd be nice to wish a merry christmas to everyone. I secretly hope someone sees it and I can make someone smile.

14/365 22122010

Professional photo, right? Well, I have not a nice lightning here and I was packing to go back home tomorrow. I thought that resumed what I've been doing today: last classes, goodbyes to all my friends and classmates, giving the cookies I baked yeasterday to my two best friends, and..packing. That's it. Tomorrow I'm going back home for two weeks, I'm so happy, and my big brother will be there too =)

Have a nice evening.


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