martedì 21 dicembre 2010

Looking for Christmas


Yesterday I had the exam, all went well, at least I think so. Now I still have two days filled with classes, cold and shopping for books I have to read for the next exams. I feel pretty lonely right now, because everyone out there is feeling Christmas getting nearer and I can't share these moments, so I just stare out the window and wait for thursday, when I'll be home, at my parents', again (and I cannot complain, I already had Sinterklaas a few weeks ago).

The weekend, however, was lovely. My parents came here and Roberto came as well a bit later, but I am so happy we saw eachother.
My parents and I went to Ikea, to a small, cute Christmas market and then with Roberto at the Chinese restaurant. Then we went for a walk in the city which is filled with woderful lights at Christmas (there are many awful lights too actually).
So here are a few photos of the weekend; tomorrow the second week of the 365 project.

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