giovedì 23 dicembre 2010

Thursday - Loves Christmas

I am home for the holidays, yay! I am so happy. Tomorrow I'll see my brother and my little nephew after a loong time, and this evening Roberto will come here and I am planning to bake tomorrow, and just stay cosy and enjoy this time at home.
Hope you're all doing the same!

These are a few things I loves lately.

Hot Chocolate on a Stick. Find out how to make it here

Harry Potter

Cute Braids. I'd love to know hoe to make this.

I love ice cream (even when it's cold outside) , and even more if it's in this lovely small cup.

These pretty prints.

(for the source click on the image)

Have a nice Christmass weekend you all,
maybe I'll be posting some nice recipes soon!


2 commenti:

  1. I love all those things too, hope you have an amazing Christmas with your family :) xx

  2. Hi Juliette!

    Thanxx for your sweet comment over at my blog! Just wanted to wish you lovely, warm, cozy and magical Xmas days with your family!! XO. Vera