mercoledì 10 novembre 2010

Lady Gaga - The Monster Ball

I as not a big fan of Gaga, I heard her CDs, I sang her songs, I knew the lyrics, but that was only because my two best friends (they improved their status in these months, haha) loved her. Finally, I knew the lyrics better than them.
So in Febrary they asked me to come with them to her concert here in Turin. My first reaction was "no". Full stop. Then I thought "Well, she's an artist, even if maybe she cannot sing she has her own style, her own way of expressing herself" that became: "Maybe I could go, even if it costs quite a bit", they asked me again and again and eventually I agreed. I followed her "being famous and rebel", loved her, hated her (because of the meat dress) and begun to know her better.

Yesterday was "the" day, and honestly, I was excited. It was not my first concert, and not the one I could hardly wait for, but it was sure to be a super entertaining show, so I was in a happy mood.
Well, it was the BEST show I have seen in my life, the best show I've ever seen even on TV or elsewhere. She is amazing, said very sweet, lovely, wise things and when she spoke Italian she was such a sweetie. I thought she would be the same arrogant b...c she appears to be in her videos. Not at all. She said positive things about gay people, about people feeling different and not worth it.

But most of all: She has an AMAZING voice, just perfect, powerful and she never hit a wrong note. Now, I am a little monster, too. And I think I will be following her more.
Here a few of the photos I shoot.


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