martedì 23 novembre 2010

[4 Stories] - Old Photos

One. See my family when they were young.
This is not really a story, but I love seeing old photos of my family because I can get to "know" them a littl bit better, seeing how they were when they were my age, for example. I can also see what we have got in common and the many differences. It's a bit like a time machine.

Two. Little Red Riding Hood
I have a photo I see every now and then when showing old photos to friends or family of me, the 3 years old me, holding a book with a drawing of Little Red Riding Hood. I had a red woolen jumper and it was as if they had drawn me in that image. The fact is that I exatly remember what I was thinking at that exact moment, and which toys I had around me and so on. Maybe it's one of my first memories which is recalled everytime I see that photograph.

Three. At grandma's .

I see my grandma once every two years, because I live in Italy and she lives in Holland. She loves her family so much. She has 5 children and 10 grandchildren so she has to remember everything about them all! She has many many photographs around her house, of my mum and her siblings when they were young, but also of my cousins and of all their families. I always enjoy looking at them and see how we all have changed during the years.

Four. The history class.
I didn't like history classes, but once the teacher showed us a photograph of a bourgeois family of the 18th century. We compared family portraits of that time with those of this period. Obviously they couldn't take many photographs and they had to hire a photographer and so on (that's not long ago actually, when we had no digital camera). But they studied the composition and their faces and expressions and disposition very attentively. It was of great importance, they had to convey the importance of the man, the respect of the children and so on.
Nowadays we just throw ourself in front of the camera and take as many photos as possible, choosing later which one we liked the most. I actually like how it all works now, even if I like also the fact thet photography was seen as a special event.

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