mercoledì 24 novembre 2010

100th post!!

Mesdames et messieurs,
Signore e signori,
Ladies and gentlemen,
This is my 100th post!

I have been having different feelings towards this blog. First I loved it, then I hated it, I abandoned it and now it's a sort of notebook I write on everyday. I love when people comment and it's not just a place only I (and my mother) visit every now and then.
I hope that when I'll write my 200th post I will have met more people thanks to it. I love being involved in a crafty-baking world, it allows me to dream and not to abandon the things I love to do besides studying.

I don't know, I haven't anything particular ready, I just realized it's my 100th post.
So, thank you for reading, thank you for commenting if you do and if you don't, please, I love to hear from you!

I having been creating much lately, but I can blame only University, not my love of crafting. I adore it and have many ideas actually.

2 commenti:

  1. Congrats on your 100th post!! Amazing!! I'm the same, Uni is taking up so much of my time but I've got so many fun ideas for blog posts which I'd rather be doing. Oh well, it'll all be worth it in the end hey? ;) Love your blog!!

  2. Congratulations! I think all of us have blog love that comes and goes- but it's great that yours is thriving now :)