lunedì 19 aprile 2010

Inspire me, photography! II

I have looots of projects. Too many actually. There's a bit of confusion in my mind about what I really want to be, what I want to do etc. But everything is full of hope and enthusiasm, so, I don't mind, I continue to study and I continue baking, I make little crafty thinks a bit less, because all the supplies etc are at my parent's place, and I don't go there very often anymore.
Unfortunately I have no cable to connect the camera to the computer, again. Therefore I thought of posting a brand new post about photography. But, since I'm obsessed with baking lately, and I think I will be forever, I am going to post five pictures of lovely, supersweet cupcakes/cakes/ice cream or whatever inspires me.

(Cannelle et Vanille)


(from here)

(Piece of Cake)

(from here)

Aren't they delicious?

I just found a job for this summer and I am really excited about it.
But I also have so many ideas about what to do, what to bake, make, create. Where to go. Etcetera. I have to rearrange my mind.

Have a nice evening!
Whenever I'll have just a little time to share some pictures and/or recipes I will surely do it.


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