giovedì 29 aprile 2010

I'm going nuts..

I'm going crazy about one thing. I live in Turin, and every weekend I go back to Liguria where my boyfriend and my parents live. There I stay at my bf's or at my parent's.. so, I live in three houses, three places to call home. And..three places where I could have lost the cable of my camera.

Now, I've tried a lot of recipes lately, and I have a lot to share, but I don't like writing without actually showing what I've made. So, I'm sort of waiting until I will suddently find the cable somewhere.

I have made a list of the recipes I want to try. It's getting longer and longer. I am so happy about that. And I want to try them all as soon as possible.
Exams are beginning next month and I've also found a job, so I'm super stressed. Cooking and baking always relaxes me, and seeing that my family and friends appreciate what I make satisfies me.

I'm going back to my books. And to the teas and coffees which prevent me from falling suddently asleep on my books.(

I hope I'll be able to post a lot of photos soon!


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  1. Nou eens even kijken of het nu eens lukt.Zat al je lekkere en mooie nog eens na te lezen.Wat een engels kan je,moet je nog vaak een woord opzoeken.
    Leuke zonnig en mooi blog met de foto^s erbij.
    Hoop dat er meer bij komt.
    En dat je nog veel voor ons kookt en al die lekkere dingen maakt,Mams