venerdì 9 aprile 2010

Easter and Dad's Birthday

Saturday, like every year, we dyed the Easter eggs. This year Roberto wanted to participate too, it was a whole new experience for him. In Italy Easter is considered a big religious feast, so he liked to find out this other profane part of Easter a lot.
He painted our cat Miele on one egg, my mother dyed hers with silver shades, my father made a lot of geometric shapes and I made a big Chesire cat.

Sunday we searched the eggs which the hare (my mother) had hidden in the garden. I always have so much fun searching the eggs. Then, we noticed one egg was missing, Roberto and I searched everywhere but it was nowhere to be found.

Then I made Banana split cupcakes for my father's birthday and a Scharzwalder Kirsch Torte.
I had a lot of work with that cake, but I was pretty happy with the result.
We had a lot of guests, fortunately, otherwise the cupcakes would never have finished. (mmh.. actually they did not finish, but not many were left).

(I know.. on the cake it says "48" and on the candles "46" but you can guess how old my father is if you want)

Maybe I'll post the recipe of the Schwarzwalder Kirsch Torte later.. it' not that complicated (if you know where to buy cherry and kirsch. I only found cherries in liqueur and they had a too strong taste, they had a too high alcoholic strenght ^^).

Hope you enjoyed your Easter days,

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