venerdì 5 febbraio 2010

Bread and rainbows

I know I haven't been writing for a while. I had lots of exams, and now I have a littlebit of time. Actually, I'm waiting for my nephew to be born, I am so excited and think a lot about it because tuesday I will go to Berlin, and if he'll be born then I won't see him for one entire week =(. But alas, I cannot oblige him, obviously =).

Today my mother called my father to buy some bread (we live in a small town and the nearest place where you can buy bread is like 10km away from here). He was already near home so I decided to make it. I am so happy when I have the chance to bake =)

Meanwhile it was, and it still is, raining and raining. It stopped for about 10 minutes, and guess what we saw? A spectacular rainbow, from the beginning to the end, right in front of our house. I took some photos. It was fantastic!

(oh yes, I intensified the colours a bit too much, but I hate when pictures don't let you feel as if you were in that place when they have been taken, because it was so beautiful..)

Oh, and yesterday I made cookies for Roberto. We are together from August, 5 2007 : that is.. 2 and a half years! Whoa! So I decided to make some cookie lollies (idea from here) and some miniminicookies. I had no icing sugar so I decorated it with chocolate..mmh!!

(they still were drying)

If you want to know recipe or something, just ask =)


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  1. Hey, do you have other pictures of that rainbow? Cause it would be nice if you had one with our home on it...
    Perhaps I should tell my parents to go digging for gold near our home :)