domenica 13 febbraio 2011

Mattia is 1 today!

Last year I left for Berlin after the due date of my nephew's birth. He still wasn't there.
I was a bit sad, but also happy I was going to be an aunt soon. On the 12th of February they texted me he was on the way. I was so happy, I wish I could have been there. I literally made my friends crazy talking about the baby. The next day, on the 13th of February he was already being cute in this crazy world. Then I came home and immediately got to know my 5 days-old nephew, Mattia. I mentioned it in this post.

I haven't seen him much this year, but the couple of times have been magic. My parents and I have been babysitting a few times, lately, and he's such a cute little boy. Now he's already one year old and he's the cutest.

Now I am in London and kinda sad I can't be there for his birthday. But I will be there many other years for sure, maybe when he'll understand better and I can bake a giant cake for him (I am sure he loves cake!) =).

Happy Birthday little Mattia, love you!


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