giovedì 3 febbraio 2011

It's time to do what I like

The past two months I've been doing not much more than reading, studying, writing and thinking. Yesterday, as I already told you a hundred times, I did the last exam of this session. I had many exams this time and most of all, many of them were Literature exams. I like reading, but since I was little teachers have always told me which book I had to read. Why are those books always the most pessimistic works in this world? Why are they filled with montains of negative thoughts? I know the world isn't all colours and smiles, but I know there's also some pretty nice Literature around there. Why don't read that literature, at least some time.

The important thing is: I will (probably) never ever have to do a Literature exam again!

Next semester I'll have to write my final essay and then I'll be graduated, yay! (Still some other classes to attend and some exams to do, though).

These last days I was so tired, I almost freaked out a few times. Sometimes I act very rudely toward the people around me just because I feel that I have to do all this, I have to finish a book in one day, I have to write X pages, etc. I am a perfectionist in almost every side of my life, and this is causing some serious problems. Now, all I have to do is change this attitude. It will be so difficult, because I've been like this for years. But I am really trying to be more positive and see my faults as something that will help me to change.

I think I'll be posting something lighter tomorrow, or this evening. This was just to vent and also to show you who I am a little bit more.

So, today is for:

Sleeping until 11 am (check)
Reading blogs (check)

Make cute Valentine's cards

Take a long shower
Drink coffee

Buy something for myself

Go for a drink with Roberto

Tell him that I love him

Plan trip to London


Bake bread

Write more blog posts

Ok, this list is for the coming few days, I won't do all these things today, otherwise I'll get crazy.
I am going to spoil myself today, and I don't have to feel guilty about it, right?

Have a nice day lovely readers!


2 commenti:

  1. <3 feels like we're going through the same, dear! but all your plans sound lovely so try to acchieve them soon!

    (oh, and for a valentines card... i have a free printable on my blog. it involves owls xD)

    love you,

  2. Weeeellll if it involves owl, and you are making it, then I will totally wait. Omg, wait a moment, I saw your tweet right now, it looks sooo cute, totally going to wait, haha
    Thank you Katja,