giovedì 17 febbraio 2011


On Tuesday I came back home from London. I had so much fun and I am getting more and more confident about planning trips and organising everything without too much stress.
Of course, when you leave with some friends you have to take into consideration that it's normal being stressed out from each other at one point. But you lso have to learn to accept that we are not the same person, we have other routines, other tastes and so on and keep in mind you won't be together forever, that you have to be yourself and you don't have to do everything together, you can also go on a walk alone every now and then during your trip.

These days in London we had so much fun, we went out at night, we danced, we laughed, we did a lot of shopping, saw every building and museum. Now that I am back I am looking forward to leave again in the very near future. Traveling is my passion, and as soon as I graduate I will be leaving for sure.

Not to make things too boring and long I will be posting some photos I took (during the next few days). Hope you'll like them and maybe can share your story if you have ever been to London.


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