venerdì 21 gennaio 2011

Thursday - Loves (on friday)

This night has been so windy and today is even worse. It seems as if the house could fly away at any moment. I'll study the whole day and maybe I'll go out with Roberto this evening.
Here some things I liked lately:

This wonderful video, I always have wondered how they get so organised and coordinate.

100,000 starlings fill the skies in Poole from Mark Rigler on Vimeo.

These wonderful dresses, I want spring back =)

Diagrams which speak the truth

Pretty illustrations

Yummy ideas


This hair

Have a nice weekend, hopefully it won't get too cold!


5 commenti:

  1. jij ook een heel fijn weekend!
    moet je nog druk aan de studie?


  2. Dank je! Ja jammer genoeg wel, tot 2 Februari, maar daarna ga ik een week naar Londen, dus daar kijk ik naarop uit. =)

  3. Haha that graph is so true!! Such cute pics x