giovedì 20 gennaio 2011

Project 365 - Week 6

I am quite tired of studying and I am so looking forward to go to London again in a few weeks, with my best friends. I passed all of my exams until now and after the trip to London I'll have to start writing my final essay, wow! =)

Here's week 6 of my project 365. Hope you'll like the photos ^^

36/365 13012011
Woke up very early to catch the first train to get back home. Delay of 40 minutes, had to take the next train (studied a lot in the train, having more then 5 hours) which arrived at destination at 12.20 pm. Was quite tired when I got home, read blogs and unpacked. I plan to see Roberto this evening for a beer date, haha, will be fun.
These are the photos I've hanging in my room: Giada, my beloved dog (who was poisoned a few years ago and therefore died, I miss her every day) when she was a puppy. My class at our first day of exam at high school and my brother and me some years ago, I think four of five.

37/365 14012011

I baked sourdough bread in the breaks between one book and a notebook.

38/365 15012011

We enjoyed the wonderful day. The sun was shining, it was like being in spring.

39/365 16012011

Another nice sunny day, we ate breakfast outside. This was R's breakfast: my bread and imported stuff from Holland.
To Turin in the afternoon. With my mum.

40/365 17012011
In Turin with my mum for an exam. She painted this for me, inspired by a painting I found on the Internet one day (I cannot find it anymore, so write me if you know the source and the amazing artist who made this). It now hangs on the wall in my room. I spent the whole day waiting for my exam to take place, but 30/30 was the result, happy.

41/365 18012011

The small bed my mom bought for her grandchildren. Ready to be used by my nephew Mattia.

42/365 19012011
And there he is, the protagonist of our day: Mattia, my wonderful nephew. We are all fond of him. He's so funny and playful, he walks kilometers and never complains.

Have a nice evening!


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