giovedì 30 dicembre 2010

Project 365 - Week 3

Yesterday I was so tired and I don't even know why. I woke up tired and grumpy and went to bed tired. Today I am going to do yoga, hopefully that will help. Anyway, I woke up more relaxed today fortunately, and the sun shines like crazy.

These are the photos of the third week of my Project 365.
The week of family gatherings, Christmas, eating, baking, going for walks and being home.

15/365 23122010

The magic of being home. This morning I left an empty, bare house at 7am, at 2 pm I opened the front door of my parents' house. I knew they'd have decorated the whole house like usual. This year they did so many creative things. Three gigantic wreaths hang in each of the rooms, each with another color scheme. Two jars and one glass (the one above) are filled with the most colorful (but relaxing, not too shiny) lights. I said I didn't feel the Christmas atmosphere, but wait until I will be baking tomorrow, in this wonderful house, with my parents hangign around, my cat seeping on the couch, my brother and my nephew who'll come for a visit and Roberto of course. Then everything will be perfect.
Have a nice Christmas!!

16/365 24122010

I saw my nephew again today, for the first time since almost three months. He obviously has grown so much, he's adorable. This is my mum playing with the christmas decorations with him.

17/365 25122010

Merry Christmas.
I hope everyone had the most wonrdeful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I stayed at home, ate a wonderful breakfast with my family, baked, read and so on. I made this Chritmas decoration at the kindergarten. I was about 3 or 4. I remember making it, I was so proud of it. Now it hangs on the wall every year and still I am not sick of it.

18/365 26122010

Today Roberto and I baked a cake from Leila Lindholm's cookbook. That book is perfect. We had a wonderful family dinner all together. We hd really so much fun and I loved spending this time with them. In this picture you can see my dad, me, Roberto, Mattia (my nephew), Lara and Casper (his parents and my brother). My mum is taking the picture. I am thankful for moments like this.

19/365 27122010

Roberto and I had a breakfast date: a latte macchiato at the seaside, wonderful. The rest of the day was filled with reading.

20/365 28122010

This was my elementary school. I went back there today with my mum, because in my old class now there's a course of yoga. The room that once looked enormous are now so little. Everything is different and seeing everything again brought back many memories. In the whole school there were 17 students, that's the reason why, when I was 9 the school closed. There were only two rooms that contained 2/3 classes each. In each class there were between 1 and 5 students. I was in a big one! 4 kids.
I had the most wonderful time there, and when we had to go to a whole new school all of a sudden I felt baffled. I landed in a 13 kids class with so many teachers and so much people.
We went to yoga and then gave my first lesson on Italian Conversation.
I didn't do much for the reast of the day.
This evening Roberto and I are going out for a drink.

21/365 29122010

We didn't do much. Read a lot, went for a walk into the fog, read even more.

Wow, in two days a whole new year will start. We had no plans at first, then we had a big plan and now we're just planning on going for a pizza and then just walk hand in hand to meet 2011.
I hope it will be a better year, this year, as I already said, has been wuite disastrous, and I don't want to go through another year like this. Seriously, we need some peace now.
Roberto and I have been taling about this a lot lately, and we're really trying to get everything on its place, but no matter how hard we try there's always something (usually lots of things) going wrong.
But we keep doing our best.


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