venerdì 31 dicembre 2010

Goodbye 2010



Exams and not much more. I really started baking a lot, I think I found real passion in it.


A fantastic trip to Berlin with my friends. My nephew was born and I love him.


Roberto moved and went living on his own. The house ended p being a mess: cold, slimy and smelly. After just 3 months he was back living with his parents. He was extremely right, that wasn't a place where one could live, but it was a disappointment for both of us.


We celebrated Easter, baked muffins and made my first meringues. (Actually, I don't remember much of April -.-)


I started working in the Hotel. My first real job ever.


Lots of exams, a lot to do at work and alitle bit of time for ourselves.


Lots of rides on our bikes on the wonderful bycisle path along the seaside. We visited a small town where R's father comes from several times and decided that that would be a perfect place to live, if we decided that we'll stay in Italy. (I don't think we'll stay actually ^^).


Wasn't the best month. I felt tired and really wanted to have a break. I was working and studying and I also had to go to work which was far away from here, every day. Fortunately September was approaching..
Roberto and I celebrated our 3 years together!


Roberto and I left for a not-so-much organised trip around Europe. It was the best experience ever. If I loved traveling before, now I love it even more. If I loved Holland before, now I feel it's my place.
I had more exams, but passed them with good marks.


I started studying and loving bread more and more. Got quite addicted to it. I love knowing every variety of bread exists in the whole world. I love trying out new recipes, different kinds of flour, yeast and combination of ingredients. But most of all I love smelling the bread when it's baking in the oven, I love the sound of a crispy crust and the softness of the crumbs. (Ok, this was an Ode to Bread ^^)
We celebrated my mum's birthday, we had so much fun, a lot of people came to celebrate with us.


I had a difficult time because of the distance between Roberto and I. I always have some difficulties seeing each other only once a week. We want to do so many funny things together that we're overwhelmed by thing we've to do and want to do.
We went for long walks in the park, met a new friend (the squirrel!) and I studied lots and lots for a very hard exam. And I passed the exam.
Miele, my cat, didn't come back home. I am not over it, I still can't believe it and am still watching around if I see her everytime I walk out of the door. I follow cats in the woods if I think they look like her and simply cannot believe I won't see her pretty face ever again.
I went to a concert of Lady Gaga, I wouldn't have ever thought it'd be such a great show.


Roberto and I celebrated Sinterklaas toghether for the fisrt time, it was fun.
My birthday was better than that of a year ago. My parents were around and stayed home without doing anything special. I baked of course. A lot.
My brother came back from Holland I had the chance to see him and my nephew again. Christmas was with my parents and my brother's family.
New year's Eve will be just Roberto and me eating a pizza, enjoying firework and wishing 2011 will be the year when we'll finally have the cahnce to start our lives together, travel a lot and maybe move to Holland. Oh, and graduate. Keep your fingers crossed.

I always think I never do enough to enjoy my live, I feel as if I were a couchpatato, just hanging around and doing nothing every day. But when I have the chance, like now, of writing down what I've done and experience in this year I am quite satisfied. 2010 has been a stupid year, but I also had so many nice things happening around me.

I think the review of next year will be more accurate, thanks to the 365 project, if I'll finish it.
I wish you a wonderful start of this new year.


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