lunedì 1 novembre 2010

Welcome November

Roberto and I went to the park friday, enjoyed these wonderful colours and met this cutie:

Then we went for a walk in the shopping road here in Turin. It began to rain so we came back home. It has been raining incessantly since then. Yesterday we stayed at home watching Glee, doing some scrapbooking about our trip back in September, read and studied, and today he has left again.
The day after tomorrow I will have the exam of Angloamerican Literature, and I am quite nervous knowing that one of the two teachers is strict and severe. Help!
After the exam I can craft, draw and read what I want for at least...mmh.. 1 hour. I already have 8 more book on my "to read" list for German and English Literature.
IS this what I really want? Well, I chose for it two years ago, I will go on until I graduate probably next November.

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