martedì 2 novembre 2010

Scrapbooking our Trip

This weekend it rained so much! It is still raining, actually.
We, Roberto and I, took advantage to scrapbook a bit.

We went on a trip in September. Roberto had just purchased his new car and we wanted to see new places so badly. After I finished my three months at the hotel I worked in and thus had earned some money. We decided to leave.
We went to Bern, Zurich, where we slept in the car (so uncomfortable!), Berlin, Leiden (the Netherlands) and the Cevennes (France). Slept in the car once again, ouch!
It was just wonderful, incredibly nice trip and we figured out a bit more about what we want in our lives (i.e. maybe one day we will live in Leiden, we love that small city so much!).
Sunday we collected some of our souvenirs (tickets, leaflets, ..) and scrapbooked a bit. It was our first real attempt. We hadn't got any photo because we went to print them but the store we went run out of paper.

What do you keep after going on a trip? Do you keep even the smallest insignificat receipt or do you just throw everything away, or are you somewhere in the middle? I keep everything, literally, and then I sort it out when I get home (usually after a couple of months).

Have a nice day!

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  1. I used to keep everything from all of my trips with the hopes of scrapbooking it, but after so many trips and no scrapbooks I've stopped and try to just hold onto the moments as they pass :)