venerdì 26 novembre 2010

Something in the mail.

Yesterday I came home, at my parents' after three weeks, and there was something waiting for me in the mail. Actually, my mother brought the little package with her when she came picking me up at the station.
The lovely Katja sent me this beautiful handmade hat. I immediately wore it yesterday and today.
Thank you so much Katja =)

I also got some useful crafty thing from my aunt, who lives in Denmark and decided to surprise us with some nice things for Sinterklaas and Christmas.

Today I spent a fantastic morning with my father. I had so much fun, really, buying gifts for Sinterklaas for Roberto and just looking around.
Then I came home and decided to start making Christmas postcard. That was at 1 pm, now it's 18 pm and I am still painting, I love it.

In a few hours Roberto will come and we will enjoy an evening all together watching a movie maybe.
Have a nice weekend!


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