mercoledì 17 novembre 2010

=) Smile

Today was pretty much a positive day.
I am trying to see nice things in everything, it's being hard, but if I walk on the road and don't stay permanently with my face down, I have to possibility of catching the smallest wonderful things.
For example I love the woman who works at the "Pasticceria del Borgo" here in the street. She is a nice elderly woman who always wears a big smile. Today I caught her through the shop window picking a chocolate candy with the expression of a little rascal.
Her little shop is magical, the interiors are made of wood and she bakes everything with her husband.

Yesterday evening I was looking outside the window, it was raining and there were small drops on the window. You know when it's dark outside, and there's only one streetlamp shining, and the drops are illuminated by it. I love it. And I though why on earth I am worrying so much about everything. I must calm down, breathe and enjoy life. Period.

Hope you have a nice evening, I have to finish "The Power and the Glory" by G. Greene. And then I have another 8 books to read.


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  1. Hey Sis!

    Love reading your blogs, gives me a look from the inside of your daily life.your english is real good, and it is pretty strange reading and answering in english (lol).
    so how have you been holding up? hope you manage to keep your head up, and as you say , see the wonderful things that life holds back for us.
    Sissy i love you to bits ,keep going strong .


    your brother