sabato 13 novembre 2010

Dreaming of..a house.

It's a bit lame that yeasterday I told you I would make a sort of schedule for my blog and now I start with a "random" post. But. There's a reason. Today it's Saturday and it's the only day I can entirely spnd with Roberto, so I don't have much time on Saturdays.
Tomorrom, however, my first schedules post will be written. Promise.


I am dreaming of buying a house one day. This dream is getting bigger and bigger even if “I’m only 20 years old”. And I live in Italy. I mean. I am sure you’ve heard about the “mammoni”.

Typical Italian children go to live on their own around their 30-35 birthday, and “on their own” means with the wife who cooks for you and does the laundry.

Ok. It’s not even that true. We cannot generalize and I met many people who are not like that at all, and we have to highlight the fact that in Italy salaries are low and costs are high, so it’s getting more and more difficult for young people to go and live on their own.

But I was saying. I now live in this small apartment with my roommate. I once dreamt of going to live with her, enjoy University, stay up until late, organise parties, get drunk. That never really happened, sometimes I go out, I enjoy my University time with my friends and we laugh as crazy, but I never did the typical thing students do (except for collecting the bottles of wine we drunk on the fridge).

Roberto and I have been together for 3 years and 3 months now and we are really planning to go to live together. It’s still a faraway dream, but we both like interior design and home decoration, so we love looking for things we would buy for our “home”. This is one of the things we do most often. I also follow many blogs which deal with these themes and when we see each other I always show him the “peeks of the week”. I think It’s one of the few things where we share the same taste.

(images from weheartit)

Probably we will try to live in the Netherlands, at least for a while, trying to see what’s different, if there are more possibilities and so on. And maybe then, when we’ll have experienced both sides of our cultures we can finally begin to make our dream come true. I am looking forward!


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