mercoledì 20 ottobre 2010

My evening

This will be a busy weekend. It's my mother's birthday and I am happy because she's the most beautiful woman of her age, in my opinion. And because I will have the possibility to bake a lot. A lot of people will come to my parents' and I am planning to bake bread, cookies and a cake.
But I have also an upcoming exam, so this evening will be made of pages and pages to read (even because I want to finish writing the summaries of the things I have to study, otherwise I would have to carru the Norton Anthology around another time, and I can assure you that those 2700+ pages are not light).

So, have a good evening.
Oh, and... the teacher whom I asked to be the supervisor for my thesis said yes! Yay!


2 commenti:

  1. Say happy to your mother!! I like this photo, simple but expressive! Your blog is nice, I hope to see you in mine and if you like it, we can follow each other :D

  2. Grazie mille per il tuo commento!! :) Sei stata molto carina..vorrei seguirti ma il tuo link per i follower mi da problemi, magari ripovo domani :( comunque ti informo che nel mio blog c'è un giveaway in corso, se ti va di partecipare mi fa piacere e in bocca al lupooooooooooooooo ^^