venerdì 17 settembre 2010

The great comeback, for now.

"Hi, I am a

and I mark the comeback of the princess of baking."

I haven't blogged for more than two months. It's been two busy, confusing, stupid months. Actually the whole year hasn't been my luckiest one, I can say it is being the worst one actually (one of my friend would say "until now!", ahah).

I stopped baking and cooking, crafting and taking nice pics. Then I made a trip around Europe with Roberto, and opened my eyes to the world. I just have to go on with my hobbies, even if I am not feeling great, or not 100% happy, because those things keep me alive.
Even if someone says "You will not become a baker" that does not mean that I cannot have a passion for baking. And if I want to become I baker, I will succeed. Full stop.

At the moment I don't really know what I want (translate, travel, bake, take pictures, have a family, be happy..that are all big dreams of mine), but while I am figuring out, I can just go on with some of my passions, right?

Therefore today I woke up and decided it would have been the day to make my comeback in the Baking World.
Why? Because my daddy is ill and he's complaining a lot. My mum hates this. They both need something sugary in their day.
My dad loves cookies. My mum loves sugar.
I had a "To bake" list, and the weather is being rainy.
All those ingredients combined means only one thing: "Gingerbread Cookies"!

I am so happy to have baked something, and I think my father was too. Fall brings us cozy clothing, warm cups of tea, oranges and mandarins, and..Gingerbread Cookies! Right?

I'll stop for now otherwise I won't have anything to write next time I will pop onto my blog.

Have a nice day!


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  1. Hey, so nice you are back! your English is becoming really really good! Ciao!!