giovedì 19 novembre 2009

A few photos..

I haven't had time in these days. That's because tomorrow I have the English Literature Exam.

But these month I did a lot of funny things..
My roommate and I made fantastic Pizza :

We ate it with her cousin and our friend Andrea.

We had just two bottles of wine, and a slice pizza, but we had sooo much fun!!

Then, I went to the cycle track that we have close to the sea, with Roberto and my parent, it was funny 'cause Roberto and I went with the tandem, and I had so much problems with riding it.

And when I was alone at home, here in Turin, I made cookies!!

And saturday Roberto and I went to the Ikea.. I bought a lot of colorful fabrics ^^

I'm looking forward to see my parents again, and also Miele, I miss them..
I'm going back to my books..

Bye =)
Happy Froggy

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