mercoledì 14 ottobre 2009

I was just thinking about a Tv show I saw last week.
It is about kids, the presenter talks with them in a natural way, there are some famous guests and they are interviewed by the kids. It's so funny, because children are sincere, they don't think about what they're saying, they don't care if someone is a rich or famous person. I like it so much.
Last week the presenter asked a little boy to play hide and seek with him, but in the room where they were talking there was no places where he could hide.
So he was thinking about where to hide while the presenter was talking, then..He saw the waste-paper basket, and he just put his face in the basket, thinking that nobody could see him. Ahaahah it's so cute!!
This is the video!

Now, I'm trying to draw something cute. But I have also to study a lot..

I'm dreaming about this place, it's where I live with my family, wonderful, when I'm far away I always think about how beautiful that place is..

Bye!! ^^
A studying Froggy

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